Concordia Academy is part of REAch2 Academy Trust, which is the largest primary-only academy trust in the country. REAch2 is a charitable voluntary organisation which relies on the valuable input of a considerable number of non-executive volunteers, supported by an experienced team of staff.

The governance principles of REAch2 recognise the importance of developing relationships with a common purpose and they are about developing processes and structures. The effective governance of the Trust is supported by:

  • Trust members - the guardians of the constitution
  • Trust Board - the Directors / Trustees
  • Trust sub-committees
  • Regional Boards and their sub committees - including Regional Ambassadors
  • Local Governing Bodies - the local governors
  • The Executive Team

'Exceptional opportunities for learning' - the shared vision and values of REAch2.

REAch2 Academy Trust Governance

Concordia Academy REAch2 Academy Trust Governance

REAch2 - North Central Region

REAch2 is a large organisation with 53 Primary schools across many parts of England. To effectively provide high quality support to all REAch2 schools a regional model has been adopted. There are four regions; South Central, North Central, The Midlands and East Anglia.

Our school is in the North Central Region along with the following schools:

The Palmer Primary Academy
Civitas Primary Academy
Ranikhet Primary Academy
Minerva Academy
Brampton Primary Academy
(Bexley Heath)

Purfleet Primary Academy
Langtons Junior Academy
(Hornchurch )
Chigwell Primary Academy
Dorothy Barley Junior Academy
Chapel End Junior Academy

Woodside Primary Academy
Water Lane Primary Academy
Pemberley Primary Academy
Garden City Primary Academy
Wilshere-Dacre Junior Academy

REAch2 staff

All staff, whether they work full-time within a school or work for the Central Educational Team, are REAch2 staff. Below are the names of the REAch2 North Central staff who support our school:

Mrs G Ellyard - Regional Director
Mrs J Johnson - Associate School Leader
Miss J Griffiths - Associate School Leader
Mr M Rahman - Associate School Leader