Our uniform, worn by all the children, is a distinctive feature of Concordia Academy. We place an emphasis on maintaining high standards of dress and appearance because we believe it encourages the children to take pride in themselves and their Academy. We therefore ask parents to ensure that their children always wear the correct uniform and that it is clearly labelled. Children also need to wear the appropriate kit during PE lessons. We have chosen a uniform which is practical, comfortable, smart and affordable.

White polo shirt with school logo (required)

Black school skirt (required)

Navy sweatshirt with school logo (required)

Smart black school shoes (required)

Navy cardigan with school logo (optional)

Navy book bag with school logo (required)

Black school trousers (required)

Navy gingham school dress (required - summer wear)

Black pinafore dress (required)

Black tailored school shorts (optional - summer wear)

PE Kit

White T-shirt with school logo (required)

Black shorts (required)

Black plimsolls (required)

Black shorts (required)

Navy P.E bag (optional)

All items of clothing are available from My Clothing and Havering Schoolwear and have the Concordia logo embroidered on the sweatshirt, cardigan, polo shirts, PE bag and school bag. You can buy all items that do not require a logo from local supermarkets.

Children should arrive at school in their PE kit on the day that they have PE. Your child’s class teacher will share with you the day on which your child will have PE.

On health and safety grounds, children are not permitted to wear jewellery to school. Teachers are prohibited from removing or replacing earrings and the school will accept no responsibility for accidents caused by the wearing of jewellery.