The answer is only the beginning.’ – Chinese proverb

Mathematics is taught using a mastery approach as we believe that this is the most effective way of ensuring that all children develop a deep and long-lasting understanding of the subject. This involves:

  • the aim that all children can and will achieve
  • development of deep mathematical knowledge
  • development of both procedural and conceptual fluency
  • longer time on key topics such as calculation.

In Reception, we use Numicon Maths which is based on a concrete-pictorial-abstract approach. Numicon encourages children to explore maths using structured imagery and apparatus in order to understand and explain mathematical concepts.

This develops fluency by using a visual, practical base to develop conceptual understanding and fluent recall. It also helps children to reason mathematically through the use of concrete objects and spoken language to explain and justify.

From Year 1 onwards we use Effective Maths, which is a mastery approach to the teaching of mathematics. It is a comprehensive framework for ensuring high quality maths teaching.

Children are given the opportunity to problem solve, reason and develop a strong conceptual understanding in their maths lessons.

We believe that we are all mathematicians in that we draw upon relevant and efficient mental, written calculations and informal recordings (jottings) to trace our thinking as fundamental tools to help with solving word problems and problem solving investigations. At Concordia we endeavour to equip our children with tools and skills so they can choose the most efficient method depending on the context of the problem.

Our learning-teaching approach is step-by-step and steers towards ‘mastery’ where the focus is on creating as many relationships and links between the skills and concepts – depth as opposed to acceleration.