‘I never teach my pupils, I only provide the conditions in which they can learn.’ – Albert Einstein

Our intent is to create a curriculum that mirrors our culturally diverse community of children and addresses the needs that they have, particularly in developing children’s basic skills in language, reading, writing and maths, as well as developing our children’s cultural capital so that they successfully integrate into English society and are able to become productive members of the community who can one day grow up and make a difference to the world in which they live. Our aim is for every child, regardless of background, to leave Concordia Academy at the end of Year 6 with the confidence and ability to continue to grow and develop as a whole person, as they progress onto the next stage of their educational journey.

The school curriculum is designed with progression in knowledge and basic skills at the forefront throughout the year and across children’s learning journey as they progress through the school. It reflects the school’s local context by addressing typical gaps in students’ knowledge and skills, especially in language and reading. The broad and balanced curriculum includes the full range of subjects and is ambitious in its intent to quickly develop children academically, personally, morally and socially, as well as developing their cultural knowledge and understanding, especially when considering that many of our children arrive with limited language skills and little knowledge of England’s culture and traditions. The curriculum has been designed to capture students’ interests in such a way that both reflects and widens their life experiences and supports them to be responsible, reflective citizens. The children receive learning, experiences and opportunities which add value and contribute to broadening their cultural horizons and inspire their thinking. These include musical theatre workshops led by specialists, African drumming workshops, performances at Queen’s Theatre in Hornchurch, trips to local and national theatres, visits to places of worship, singing Christmas carols at the local old people’s home, amongst many other opportunities.

We want our children to leave Concordia Academy with the confidence and skills to make decisions, make connections, and to have a desire to continue the next stage of their learning journey.

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