What a computer is to me is the most remarkable tool that we have ever come up with. It is the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds.’ – Steve Jobs

Computing is about more than just computers. It gives users the opportunity to be creative and to draw links from various other subjects including Maths and PSHE. Our curriculum here at Concordia offers children access to a wide range of skills that will be developed upon each year, growing their skills in data and word processing, coding, debugging and algorithms, as well as giving them the opportunity to use technology creatively, including coding their own games, creating their own digital books and stop motion animations. The children are being delivered a creative and effective curriculum that is in keeping with ever-advancing technology. We want to fully equip them with the skills, knowledge and understanding to be digitally literate and technologically capable in their future workplace.

Please download the documents below for further information on our Computing curriculum.

Computing Curriculum Overview

Computing Progression Map

Online Safety Overview

As part of their Computing and online learning, there is a huge focus on e-safety throughout the year where teachers deliver key e-safety messages. This helps our children to become more informed online users. They are better equipped to deal with incidents (should they arise), they understand what acceptable and unacceptable online behaviour is and know who their trusted adults are in the home and at school.

Below are some useful links that offer further guidance for parents on how to promote e-safety at home for all of the family.

Useful Links

London Grid for Learning
The Cyber Pass
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UK Safer Internet Centre