If you need us to administer medication to your child at school then you need to print off the form below, complete it and hand it in to a member of office staff. Please be aware that we will only administer prescribed medication to children (and at school discretion), and we will not administer any medication without completion of this form.

Medication in School Authorisation form

We do not authorise holidays or absences during term time except in exceptional circumstances. If you wish to request a leave of absence for your child then please complete the form below and hand it in to a member of the office staff. This will be passed on to the headteacher, who will respond to you in writing.

Request for Term Time Leave Form

Year 6 children will be permitted to walk to and from school unaccompanied if parents feel that they are responsible enough to do so. Year 6 children may not accompany younger siblings to or from school without an adult.
Any children found taking responsibility for younger siblings may have their permission to travel without an adult revoked by the school. If you consent to your child walking to and from school without an adult, you will need to complete the permission slip below and return it to the office. No child will be permitted to leave site alone if the school has not received prior written consent from a parent or carer.

Year 6 Walking to and from School