We are committed and passionate about children’s learning and development as they leave Reception and enter KS1. We work hard to prepare our children for the transition and ensure that by the summer term in Reception they are accessing activities which will ensure a smooth progression between year groups. Year 1 is the beginning of more focused written work and we work with our children to embed the hard work, patience and dedication that is required to make that transition easier. The curriculum we offer is rich and engaging, and gives children opportunities to develop as students and as individuals.

Year 1 Curriculum Map

Phonics lessons are taught through daily Read, Write, Inc. teaching, as well as weekly literacy lessons based on the curriculum topic for that term. Please click on the link below to find out more about Read, Write, Inc.

Read Write Inc. for Parents

Maths lessons in Year 1 are taught using a maths mastery approach which builds upon and continues the learning from Reception. We support our teaching and learning of maths through the use of Effective Maths (see link below), which is a comprehensive framework for teaching high quality maths.

Effective Maths

We ensure that our school curriculum is in line with the National Curriculum, which you can see here: National Curriculum