In Reception we understand how early year’s education plays a vital role in children’s overall development and learning and so we help children to develop their curiosity and knowledge in a fun way through play based activities. It is through play that children learn to develop skills, such as language, emotional, creativity, social and intellectual. It is from here that they practise new ideas, take risks, show imagination and solve problems on their own or with others. Our indoor and outdoor environments are set up to be fun, engaging and purposeful so that the children can make the most of each day they are here. Our Reception Curriculum Map details what our children learn throughout the year, and the topics they cover.

Reception Curriculum Map

Children are taught to love and value reading through listening to stories, and reading stories themselves. Literacy lessons are taught through daily Read, Write, Inc. teaching, as well as weekly literacy lessons based on the curriculum topic for that term. Please click on the link below to find out more about Read, Write, Inc.

Read, Write, Inc. for Parents

Maths lessons are taught using a maths mastery approach, we support our teaching and learning of maths through the use of Numicon Firm Foundations. Children are taught using a variety of practical apparatus and develop their understanding of number and number relationships, shape, space and measures.

Further information and guidance about children’s learning in early years can be found here: Development Matters