Marc received the Headteacher Award in Buttercup Class for his excellent Literacy work. Marc has been working very hard, and we are proud of him for always trying his best. Well done, Marc!

The Headteacher Award this week in Daisy Class goes to Eleonora! Eleonora has been working very hard and we are proud of her for always trying her best. Well done, Eleonora!

Grace from Bluebell Class received the Headteacher Award for trying her best to write her name independently. Each morning, Grace comes into school with a smile and practises writing her name. Keep up the super effort, Grace!

The Headteacher Award this week in Daffodil Class goes to Sarim! Sarim has been working hard to present his work beautifully. He has started to write from the margin and is leaving sufficient space between words. Well done, Sarim, keep it up!

Chimdiebube and Eva P earned a Headteacher Award this week in Sunflower Class. Chimdiebube used super language in his phonics writing, when describing that someone was scared. Chimdiebube was able to show us (rather than tell us) by writing that ‘a shiver ran down their spine.’ Eva has shown super Place Value knowledge this week and was able to explain to the class how to find more or less by jumping on the number grid. Well done to both of these children!

Olivia has received a Headteacher Award in Poppy Class this week for her use of direct speech in her story writing. She challenged herself to use direct speech to make her story more interesting. Keep up the fantastic work, Olivia!

Arin has also received a Headteacher Award in Poppy Class for his thoughtful partner work. He has engaged with partner talk and has helped his partner to understand maths work by helping them to use their 150 square. Great team spirit, Arin!

Joshua received a Headteacher Award in Carnation Class as he has been extremely focused on his learning this week. Joshua is always ready to learn and has been sensible in helping classmates when they have been confused by tasks. Keep it up, Joshua!

Alex also received a Headteacher Award in Carnation Class for working hard on his presentation in all subjects by ensuring his handwriting is cursive and neat throughout. Great Work, Alex!

The Headteacher Award in Orchid Class this week has gone to Wael for showing a vast improvement in his independent work. Wael is now beginning to show his true capabilities and is keen to work independently. Amazing work, Wael!