We celebrated World Maths Day on Wednesday by selecting a Mathematician of the Day from each class. Read below all about the super maths work our mathematicians engaged in!

The Mathematician of the Day in Bluebell Class was Aila! During our maths carpet warm-up, Aila was able to use a variety of methods to answer the addition, subtraction, and halving number sentences. Super job!

The Mathematician of the Day in Buttercup Class was Elena for counting the pennies independently. Well done!

The Mathematician of the Day in Daisy Class was Tolu! Tolu was able to identify a selection of coins and use them to correctly add different groups of coins together.

The Daffodil Class Mathematician of the Day goes to Cordelia! During Morning Maths she used her number line strategy to answer subtraction number sentences. Cordelia also challenged herself by writing her numbers from 1-20 in words. Great work Cordelia, keep it up!

The Sunflower Class Mathematician of the Day was Nicole! We started learning a new strategy to help us find missing numbers in addition sentences, this was a tricky strategy where we had to count on and represent the number of places we were counting on by drawing circles. Nicole was able to very clearly explain and show how to use the strategy.

The Poppy Class Mathematician of the Day was Hawwa! During our Maths lesson, we learned how to partition two-digit numbers in addition, Hawwa was able to explain to the whole class on how to use the method. Well done, Hawwa!

The Mathematician of the Day in Carnation Class was Om! Om has been using the column method to help him solve addition and subtraction calculations. Om has used his knowledge of place value to help lay out the calculations and exchanged carefully where needed.

The Mathematician of the Day in Orchid Class is Antoine for confidently explaining how to exchange tens to ones, hundreds to tens and thousands to hundreds. Antoine was able to use the key vocabulary and base ten representations to explain his answer carefully.