Star of the Week in Buttercup Class is Aizah! Aizah has been working extremely hard during Phonics and is able to independently use Fred Talk to read green words. In addition, Aizah has been a kind and caring friend and has been helping her peers with their reading and writing. Keep up the fantastic effort!

Star of the Week in Daisy Class is Anika-Zo! Anika-Zo has slowly and steadily grown in confidence, over the past few weeks we have seen a fantastic growth in her confidence. She is happy and eager to help her peers and communicate with familiar adults. Well done, Anika- Zo, keep up the good work!

Star of the Week in Bluebell Class goes to Perseas. Perseas has impressed us with his confidence when speaking up during group activities and discussions. Additionally, Perseas is always working super hard to access all areas in the classroom and creates lots of artworks for the Magic Tray. Keep up this amazing work, Perseas!

Star of the Week in Lilac Class goes to Yasmeen. During our Music lesson this week, Yasmeen set an excellent example to her peers! She was using the musical instruments carefully and sensibly, whilst also challenging herself when experimenting with different pitches! Well done, Yasmeen!

Star of the Week in Daffodil Class is Adrian. Adrian has been working hard to extend his ideas in his Phonics lessons. Adrian has also been working hard to participate in class discussions and answer in full sentences. Well done Adrian, keep up the hard work!

Star of the Week in Sunflower Class is Jorgie. Jorgie has been given the award for being a great friend in the classroom and for showing a positive attitude in class. Well done, Jorgie!

Star of the Week in Poppy Class goes to Amaan for his hard work and positive attitude during Maths this week as we learn about Fractions. Keep it up, Amaan!

Star of the Week in Lily Class is Sanjay! Sanjay has settled quickly back into school life and always arrives with a beaming smile on his face. As well as being a positive and polite member of the class, Sanjay has been trying hard to use his listening ears and gentle voice during lesson time. Great job, Sanjay!

Star of the Week in Carnation Class has been awarded to Haroon! He has made an excellent effort in all lessons, worked well with his partner and shared answers clearly. Well done!

Star of the Week in Orchid Class has been awarded to Vilte. Vilte has returned to school after the Easter Break with an eager attitude to her learning and is showing role model behaviour throughout the day. You’re a star, Vilte!

Star of the Week for Magnolia Class is Vyuha! Vyuha has made a great return back to school after the half-term break and she has shown a real zeal for learning in every subject. Furthermore, Vyuha has been able to solve a range of mental maths problems very quickly (some in 3 seconds) for our Math starter challenges! Vyuha, you are a maths whizz!