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Managing Attendance Policy and Procedure

Leave of Absence Policy for Staff

Havering Child Left at School Policy Aug 2017

Admission Policy 2018-2019

Code of Conduct for Staff and Volunteers inc Acceptable Use Policy

Anti Bullying Policy

Assessment Without Levels Policy Statement

Attendance and Punctuality Policy

Havering Child Left at School Policy Aug 2017

Concordia Academy Visitor Policy

Equalities and Diversity Policy

EYFS Mobile Phone and Camera Policy

EYFS Policy

EYFS Pupil Premium Statement 2016-17

Finance Procedures Policy

Home School Agreement 2016

Intimate Care and Toileting Policy

Medical Needs Policy

Positive Behaviour Policy 2018

REAch2 Safeguarding CP policy 2018-19

REAch2 Asbestos Policy

REAch2 Charging and Remissions Policy

REAch2 Complaints Policy

REAch2 Disciplinary Policy

REAch2 Freedom of Information and Data Protection Policy and Procedure

REAch2 – Privacy Notice for Parents and Pupils final May 2018


REAch2-Information-and-Records-Retention-Policy-final-July-2018 (1)


REAch2 Grievance Policy

REAch2 Health and Safety Policy

REAch2 Whistleblowing policy 2018

RIDDOR Reporting Policy

SEN Policy

Sex and Relationships Education Policy

SMSC Policy

REAch2 E-Safety Social Media policy