Zaid received a Headteacher Award this week for doing exceptionally well in maths, particularly in Geometry. In lessons Zaid is always trying his best and supporting his peers in their learning.

Rehan receive a Headteacher Award today for his number bond work in maths. He went above and beyond by listing out the whole 5 times table.

This week Hayat earned a Headteacher Award for her fantastic work in Science. Hayat was able to identify four important items that animals need to be happy and healthy and she created a detailed diagram of a healthy pet.

Molly received a Headteacher Award today for her super work in literacy. We are learning to show how people are feeling by using descriptive language, rather than just telling our reader how the person is feeling. Molly wrote super sentences today and she extended herself by using lots of ideas and writing extra sentences. Great work Molly.