Headteacher Awards

Joanna received the Headteacher Award in Buttercup Class this week for her fantastic progress in Phonics. Joanna has been working very hard and we are proud of her for always trying her best. Well done, Joanna!

Daisy Class Headteacher Award went to Amaya, who has come in every day and tried every task in class. Amaya always works quietly and calmly at class activities and has started to ask for help when she isn’t sure how to do something. Well done, Amaya!

Bluebell Class have been fortunate to gain two new friends this week…Oakley and Zammar. Both Zammar and Oakley have settled quickly into school life. They always come into class with a bright smile and for this reason, they each received a Headteacher Award. Well done!

Fatima received a Headteacher Award this week for her excellent writing. She wrote a recount of the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. She was pinching the sounds and used some excellent adjectives in her writing. Great work, Fatima!

Mpilo received a Headteacher Award in Sunflower Class this week for her fantastic contributions in Maths lessons. We have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes and she has consistently been putting her hand up to answer questions. She has also been working really well with her partner. Good job, Mpilo!

There are two Headteacher Award’s in Daffodil Class this week. One goes to Izma who has been awarded a Headteacher Award for her determination and neat handwriting in phonics. The other Headteacher Award in Daffodil Class goes to Cordelia. In a reading session, Cordelia performed amazingly and showed great focus. She also showed fantastic understanding of comprehension and inference questions. Well done, keep it up Cordelia!

There are two winners of the Headteacher Award this week in Poppy Class. Christopher contributed lots to a class discussion in Geometry and really focussed on his work. Great Maths, Christopher! David went above and beyond in literacy with the ‘Build a Sentence’ task by writing LOTS of descriptive sentences. Fantastic writing, David!

There are two winners of the Headteacher Award this week in Carnation Class. Terry has put 100% effort into multi-sports this week, taking part in all activities and showing other children how to complete the movements. Amazing job, Terry! Logan has shown great effort with his presentation this week, especially with his handwriting during literacy lessons. Keep up the hard work!

The Headteacher Award in Orchid Class goes to Tavia! Tavia has come back from lockdown with a positive and determined attitude to her learning! We are very proud of you!