For their topic this half term, Year 4 are researching Vikings and their way of living. As part of this, Year 4 have not only completed outstanding home learning tasks, but they have researched longship boats and found some interesting facts out about them. Year 4 have discovered that Viking longship boats needed to be sleek, slim and sturdy in order to tackle the waves, travel through water at speed, and travel down narrow rivers for safety.


As part of this discussion, Year 4 discovered why Vikings placed a design of fierce animals, such as dragons and snakes at the front of the Longship Boat. This is so that they could intimidate the spirits of those who lived on the land that they were invading! With this in mind, Year 4 were keen to design their own!


Year 4 also had the opportunity to write a letter using Viking runes! See if you can read what they wrote!