In Bluebell Class this week, we have not one, not two, but three Headteacher Award winners – Satara, Stephanie and Aila! Satara has settled well into school life and has formed positive relationships with her peers. Aila and Stephanie completed some impressive work on number bonds to ten. Well done to all three children!

Arjun received the Headteacher Award in Daisy Class this week for his fantastic imagination. Arjun was able to use his imagination to  create and share stories during his Literacy task. Miss Mills and Mrs Lloyd are very proud of him, well done Arjun!

The Headteacher Award in Buttercup Class goes to Amman. Amman has been working extremely hard this week across all areas of her learning. Amman particularly impressed Miss Courtney and Miss Kovacevic with how much her confidence has grown and how much pride she takes in her work. Well done, Amman!

The Headteacher Award in Sunflower Class also goes Eva T! Eva T has been making a great effort in Guided Reading this week. She has been using super sounds and has been blending the sounds really well. Good job, Eva!

The Headteacher Award in Sunflower Class also goes to Amaan. Amaan has received a Headteacher Award this week for his fantastic reading with Miss Hollows! He has been recognising red words and has been trying super hard to use Fred Talk to sound out tricky words. Well done, Amaan!

The Headteacher Award in Daffodil Class goes to Komal. During Maths she has been working hard and trying her best to attempt more challenging questions independently. Well done, keep it up!

A Headteacher Award in Poppy Class goes to Logan! Logan has received a Headteacher Award this week for his imaginative similes which he created during our Literacy lesson. We are currently reading the book ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’ and Logan thought of some great sentences to add imagery to our own version of the story.

A Headteacher Award also goes to Inaaya! Inaaya received the award for her impressive work during Maths. We have been practising using the compact column method and Inaaya went above and beyond by completing all the subtraction calculations and even asking for more!

The Headteacher Award in Carnation Class goes to Talia, Talia has been a superstar! She supports her partner during group work, shares her ideas clearly and is always ready to learn. Excellent job!

The Headteacher Award in Orchid Class goes to Andrea. Andrea has received the Headteacher Award for his outstanding effort in Literacy lessons! Andrea is working hard to not only join his handwriting, but to use ambitious vocabulary that engages the reader. Excellent work, Andrea