Star of the Week in Buttercup Class goes to King! This week, King has worked exceptionally hard during Phonics. He has strived to make the right choices and has been working hard with his reading and writing. Well done, King!

Star of the Week in Bluebell Class goes to Umar! Umar has shown great understanding and fantastic listening ears during maths activities. Umar followed all of the directions and was able to follow the simple map of Concordia Academy. Umar explained which turn he and his peers need to take next to come back to Bluebell Class. Well done,

Star of the Week in Daisy Class is Hudson! This week, Hudson has demonstrated fantastic confidence in sharing his ideas with the whole class. Hudson has been confidently answering questions in all lessons.
We are so proud of you, well done Hudson!

Star of the Week in Lilac Class goes to Marnee. Marnee has been a very kind friend this week. She helped a new child in our class settle in and she has been showing random acts of kindness. Well done Marnee,
this is lovely to see.

Star of the Week in Sunflower Class goes to Tyrese! Tyrese has been given the award for working extremely hard during Maths. Tyrese was able to complete all of his work independently and even explained that a half is two equal groups. Well done, Tyrese!

Star of the Week in Daffodil Class is Joanna. Joanna has great knowledge of Buddhism. She was able to recall the story of Buddha and share the Noble Truths with the class. Well done, Joanna!

Star of the Week in Poppy Class goes to Kasey for his progress in writing. He has worked hard to up-level his ideas and vocabulary so that it is a pleasure to read his creative writing. Well done, Kasey!

Star of the Week in Lily Class is Izma! Izma has such a positive and resilient attitude. She always tries her best. She impressed us with her recent adventure story about Kiki the Witch during Literacy. Izma used
adjectives and dialogue effectively. Fabulous effort, Izma!

Star of the Week in Carnation Class goes to Swayam! Swayam designed and created a fantastic mosaic border creating a repeating pattern. Well done!

Star of the Week in Orchid Class goes to Daniel! Daniel has made an
outstanding effort to communicate with his peers and is working incredibly hard to explain mathematical concepts to the class! Amazing work Daniel! Keep it up!

The Star of the Week for Magnolia Class is Leon! He has produced fantastic work for his advertisement in Literacy and Language this week. Leon has thought carefully about his ideas and he has used a range of
powerful, persuasive language within his descriptions. Well done, Leon!