The Headteacher Award in Daisy Class goes to Vaani ! This week, Vaani created a fantastic information poster all about the importance of protecting our oceans and sea life from pollution. She used her phonic knowledge to help complete the writing independently. Well done, Vaani, keep up the super work!

The Headteacher Award in Buttercup goes to Ava-Luna! Ava-Luna has really impressed us this week with her reading and writing. Ava-Luna gives her best effort throughout all areas of her learning, and she can now write sentences independently. Keep it up, Ava-Luna!! 

The Headteacher Award in Bluebell Class goes to Khawlah. Throughout this week, Khawlah has amazed us with her wonderful writing skills during Phonics and Continuous Provision. Khawlah is confidently using connectives, adjectives and capital letters. Additionally, Khawlah always tries her best to speak in full sentences and be a kind and caring member of Bluebell Class. Well done, Khawlah, keep it up!

Headteacher Award in Sunflower Class goes to Zayan! Zayan applied his phonic knowledge during Guided Reading and was able to discuss his favourite part of the book. Fantastic work, Zayan!

The Headteacher Award in Lilac Class goes to Lilian. Lilian has been making an amazing effort to stay focused during maths lessons and she has been sharing her answers and working well with her partner. What a star! Well done, Lilian.

The Headteacher Award in Daffodil Class goes to Remaas. She is working hard to decode long words whilst reading and using her Set 3 sounds in her writing. Well done, Remaas!

The Headteacher Award in Lily Class goes to Harper! During Maths this week, we have been adding and subtracting different amounts of money. Harper completed all of her work independently and completed an additional challenge too. Fabulous job, Harper! 

In Poppy Class, Nicole has received a Headteacher Award for her work in Science. We have been learning about Garden and Allotments. Nicole put a lot of thought into designing her own allotment and used detailed labels to show which vegetables should go where to ensure growth. Well done, Nicole!

Milad has received the award in Carnation Class because he has been making a great effort with his handwriting across all lessons this week. Keep up the great work!

In Y4, the Headteacher Award has been awarded to Oluwatoofe! Oluwatoofe has continued to use outstanding vocabulary within her independent writing. She has worked hard to learn the definitions of new vocabulary and apply this to her independent work! Amazing work, Oluwatoofe!

The Headteacher Award for Magnolia Class is presented to Tallyna! I have been so impressed with Tallyna’s determination to excel in every single lesson. She has been making a great effort during Maths and has been using any spare moment to practice questions in her Key Stage 3 (yes, you read that correctly) workbook. She is determined to not just conquer Year 5 questions but Tallyna also wants to look at Year 7 questions too! Tallyna, your determination to succeed is inspirational!