The Headteacher Award in Bluebell Class is awarded to Noah. Noah is working hard during carpet sessions to show active listening and focussed partner talk. He is a good role model to those around him, always following the Golden Rules. Noah is always keen to engage with his learning activities which makes him very easy to work with. Thank you Noah for being such a hard worker. All of your teachers are proud of you!

The Headteacher Award in Buttercup Class goes to Hamza! Hamza has given his best effort this week to write sentences independently. In addition, Hamza has been keen to share his ideas on how the characters from our book ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ are feeling when Goldilocks eats their porridge. Keep it up, Hamza!

The Headteacher Award in Daisy Class goes to Ameer! Ameer has really been impressing his teachers with his excellent attitude during his phonics lessons. Ameer has been trying hard with his reading and writing. Well done, Ameer!

Maya has won a Headteacher Award for using her skills in her maths work. During Mastering Number and Maths, she has been using full sentences to explain her reasoning and how she found answers. This is great to see. Well Done, Maya!

The Headteacher Award in Lilac goes to Khawlah. Khawlah blew me away with her reading this week. She was able to read 130 words in one minute and she didn’t make any mistakes! Impressive reading, Khawlah.

The Headteacher Award in Daffodil Class goes to Adem! Adem has been trying his hardest during all maths lessons this week. We have been focusing on using the number line to solve addition word problems. Adem has shown super determination in using the number line to solve increasingly complex number sentences. He started with single digit numbers and is now working on adding two-digit numbers. Well done, Adem, keep up the good work!

In Tulip Class, the Headteacher Award goes to Farid for doing well during P.E. He was following instructions and using good hand-eye coordination with the racket and ball.

The Headteacher Award in Lily Class goes to Yuri for showing enthusiasm for learning on Mars Day. Yuri created a lovely painting of Mars on a paper plate and wrote some interesting facts about Mars. Well done, Yuri!

This week’s award in Poppy Class goes to Naba for being more focused and being more independent in her thoughts and ideas. This has been reflected in her writing which has been more coherent and exciting. Keep up the hard work, Naba!

The Headteacher Award in Carnation this week goes to Maxwell! Maxwell has been trying his hardest all week to develop and improve the quality of writing that he is producing in our rewrite of ‘The Pied Piper.’ This has led to him using some brilliant adverbial phrases in his work. Well done, Maxwell!

The Headteacher Award in Freesia has been awarded to Jordan! Jordan has been exceptionally welcoming to new students and has shown a real improvement in his decision making! Keep up the excellent attitude to learning, Jordan!

Amelia is the award winner in Orchid because she has been showing great effort across all subjects, which can be seen in the assessments she has completed this week. Keep it up!

In Magnolia Class, the Headteacher Award is awarded to Imanol for always being kind and thoughtful. Well done.

The Headteacher Award for Iris Class is presented to Andrea! He has shown great sportsmanship this week and he has thought carefully about how to work effectively as part of a team. Well done, Andrea!