The Star of the Week in Bluebell Class is awarded to Nicholas. He has shown an improved focus during learning activities over the last few weeks which everyone has noticed! Nicholas is focusing for longer periods of time during Phonics and working hard to earn dojo points. During our Literacy work this week he independently wrote instructions for how to make porridge. Well done Nicholas, all of your teachers are proud of you!

Star of the Week in Daisy Class goes to Joah, Joah has been impressing his teachers with his fantastic literacy work this week. The work was based on ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bear’ and Joah was able to independently write a recipe for some porridge. Well done, Joah!

The Star of the Week in Buttercup Class goes to Brianna! Brianna has really impressed us this week by initiating conservations with her peers and adults in the classroom, whilst communicating in full sentences. Additionally, Brianna has been keen to try new foods at lunchtime. Well done, Brianna!

Star of the Week in Sunflower Class goes to Jwana. She has been super helpful to her new partner. She is supporting her partner to stay on task and make good choices whilst also showing good friendship skills towards her.

Star of the Week in Lilac goes to Finn. During our oceans and seas workshop this week, Finn made excellent contributions to the class discussion. He was thinking carefully about the different types of animals that can be found in the ocean and he spoke about his own experiences of seeing animals in the wild. Well done, Finn!

Star of the Week in Daffodil Class is Adora! Year 1 have recently started learning about the Jewish festival of Purim. Adora has shown a keen interest in this topic and has been asking lots of questions during our RE lessons. This week she has enjoyed comparing the Purim festival to cultural and religious festivals and celebrations she celebrates with her family. Fantastic work, Adora!

The Star of the Week in Tulip Class goes to Olivia for asking interesting questions on Mars Day to further her knowledge on Space. You’re a star, Olivia.

The Star of the Week in Lily Class goes to Aayush for fantastic concentration in all lessons this week. Aayush has made sure he is joining his letters and taking time to ensure the presentation of his work is neat. Keep it up, Aayush!

This week’s Star in Poppy Class is Ansh for being a great support and friend to his peers. He has also started to really challenge himself in Literacy and extend his writing, checking for cohesion and becoming more creative in his word choices.

Our Star of the Week in Carnation goes to Ivana! This week, Ivana has been making a big effort to work on and develop her spellings in her written work, this has led to her expanding her vocabulary bank and contributing some fantastic adjectives in her descriptive writing. Well done. Ivana!

In Freesia Class, Star of the Week has been awarded to Sophia-Marina! Sophia-Marina has worked incredibly hard during Literacy this week in order to write her own version of the Pied Piper! Amazing Work, Sophia-Marina!

Aadil has had a brilliant first week at Concordia Academy. He has settled well and has shared ideas confidently, and has been awarded Star of the Week. Well done!

Star of the Week in Magnolia is Vilte for writing a very descriptive text using precise vocabulary.

The Star of the Week for Iris Class is presented to Aaditya!  He made great contributions during Mars Day. Furthermore, Aaditya is always working hard and trying his best in the lessons. He has a great attitude to learning and always aims to thrive in what he does. Well done, Aaditya!