It was very hard to decide on a winner from Bluebell class as we had so many incredible animals handed in. However, we have chosen Anyla to be our class winner. Anyla made a giraffe using junk modelling with only a little help from her adults. She was able to describe how she made the giraffe and talk about the details she added. Well done Anyla!

In Y1, we had so many wonderful and unusual creations brought to school as part of our half-term project homework. It was fabulous to see the children thinking outside of the box with their animals and thinking carefully about what their animals would need. We had a bat snake, a unicorn cat and much much more. The winner of our project was Luka, who created an animal from a penguin and a cat. Her creation was very colourful and carefully made. She also included a lot of information about how to care for her animal. Great work Luka.

The winner of the design project in Poppy Class was Poppy. She made an excellent crab using paper plates and a number of other materials, and she confidently presented it to the whole class.