Star of the Week in Sunflower Class is Chimamanda. On our trip to the Royal Mews Chimamanda demonstrated exceptional behaviour every step of the way. She showed excellent listening skills and manners, setting a fantastic example for her peers.
Great work Chimamanda.

Star of the Week in Poppy Class is Hayaa. We have seen Hayaa’s concentration improve a lot of the last few weeks, especially in Maths. As a result, she has been doing some excellent work in her book, particularly on multiplication. Well done for staying focused Hayaa, keep it up!

Star of the week in Bluebell Class is Youssuf-Fareed. During science week we experimented with colour changing water. Youssuf-Fareed was very excited to take part in the experiments and enjoyed commenting and asking lots of questions about what might happen. Well done Youssuf-Fareed!