The Headteacher Award in Daisy Class goes to Keyaan! Keyaan has been working extremely hard during Continuous Provision. Every day, Keyaan makes sure that he is completing all activities in the classroom and even helps his friends if they are stuck. Well done Keyaan, all of your teachers are proud of you.

The Headteacher Award in Bluebell Class is awarded to Saatvik. He is showing an increased level of effort and concentration in all of his learning activities. Saatvik is accessing the structured activities during continuous provision sessions with more independence each day which is fantastic to see. In his writing activity this week, Saatvik used his sounds and his Fred Fingers to successfully spell words. It is a pleasure to have you in our class Saatvik, well done!

The Headteacher Award in Buttercup Class goes to Joshua! Joshua has been confident this week with his letter formation, and he has been keen to show us how he can write CVC words independently. We are extremely proud of you, Joshua!

The Headteacher Award in Sunflower goes to Biatricia. Biatricia is showing a real improvement across all areas of her learning. She is reading confidently, showing her super maths skills and is more confident in her writing. She has also shown a keen interest in the bee-bots we have been using as part of IT week. Well Done, Biatricia!

The Headteacher Award in Lilac goes to Dara. Dara has been doing excellent work in Maths this week. She worked independently to match numbers to 20, in numerals and words. Fantastic work, Dara!

The Headteacher Award in Daffodil Class goes to Alesia! This week Alesia has shown fantastic determination in reading, both in Phonics and Guided Reading lessons she has been trying her hardest to sound out increasingly complex texts. Keep using your Fred Fingers to help you, Alesia. If you keep your super attitude for learning, I’m sure there will be no book you cannot read !

This week’s award in Poppy Class goes to Dominik for trying really hard in his Literacy work, being more independent and trying to use the relevant vocabulary. He has also persevered in Maths, even when he has found things a little tricky. Fantastic work Dominik, keep it up!

The Headteacher Award in Lily Class goes to Marnee for showing enthusiasm for learning during IT week. Marnee has been able to remember and use key words such as ‘code’, ‘sprite’ and ‘algorithm’ during our lessons. She has also been an excellent ‘sprite’ by following the codes her peers were giving her during one of our IT lessons. Good job, Marnee!

The Headteacher Award in Tulip Class is awarded to Antonina for using her ICT skills when creating instructions on Scratch to move a sprite. Antonina shared her knowledge with her partner and explained to them how it works.

The Headteacher Award in Freesia has been awarded to Musa! Musa has been focused in his lessons this week and even completed extra learning at home! Outstanding work, Musa!

Our Headteacher Award in Carnation goes to Leila-Mae! Leila-Mae has made a supreme effort this week to uplevel and improve her writing. This has led to her creating a fantastic set of instructions using imperative verbs for a fictional story called, ‘The Art of Tea Tasting.’ Well done, Leila-Mae!

The Headteacher Award in Orchid Class goes to Molly for her excellent and imaginative writing during her literacy lessons. It has been such a joy to read her work and i can’t wait to see what she writes next.

The Headteacher Award in Magnolia goes to Talia-Faye for going out of her way to be helpful and supportive to her classmates. Well done, Talia-Faye!

The Headteacher Award for Iris Class is presented to Cezara! She has continued to demonstrate a positive attitude to learning and always makes great contributions to whole class discussions. Well done, Cezara!