Headteacher Award 19.05.23

Headteacher Award 19.05.23 The Headteacher Award in Bluebell Class is awarded to Royyan. He has been working carefully at home to improve his writing. He came into school with a story all about a lost puppy and cat that he had written at home all by himself. Royyan’s commitment to his own learning is commendable … Read More

Star of the week 05.05.23

Star of the week 05.05.23 The Star of the Week in Buttercup Class has been awarded to Ayla! We have been learning about the King’s Coronation and Ayla has taken a keen interest in learning about the role of the King and why he has a Coronation. Ayla then went into the writing area to … Read More


One of our year 3 pupils, Varshyth, recently took part in some chess tournaments that happened around London this month. We are extremely proud to say that he finished first in the 46th Maidenhead Junior Chess Congress and also finished second in the 6th Desert Penguin Junior Chess championships yesterday. Varshyth joined Concordia Academy in … Read More

Star of the week 28.04.23

The Star of the Week in Buttercup Class goes to Sriya! During Continuous Provision, Sriya has been working hard to complete all of the activities that are set in the classroom. Sriya has particularly impressed us with her writing where she has been keen to model how to use capital letters and full stops. Well … Read More